175 Federal Street is an urban revitalization design proposal that looks to reinterpret the ground plane and interior lobby program of an existing landmark building within the city of Boston.  Currently underutilized, dark, and without any public realm features, this proposal provides a new cladding intervention along the lower volume of the building, a new plaza design modeled as an urban room, and introduces integrated lighting and LED displays that positions the building to better punctuate the end of the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  A language of polished solid and backlit perforated metal panels at the exterior and interior is used to brighten the underbelly of the looming tower and integrates the seamless connection of interior and exterior.  Brass is used as a historical reference to prominent buildings in Boston at celebrated locations such as building entries and along sidewalks where the building comes into contact with pedestrians.  An LED wall presents mixed media to face the Greenway as an artistic experience drawing people to the building and forming an iconic edge to the urban park.