A full building infrastructure upgrades project, converting the building from primarily office space to R & D lab capable.  In addition to the new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to the building, ACTWO upgraded the common corridors and fit out 40% of the building for new or spec lab tenants, as well as designing new building amenities spaces.

Being a building that was patched together over time, there are several level offsets, low floor to floor heights in some areas, and inconstant structural members.  These challenges were dealt with through careful demising of new tenant spaces and mechanical space allocation to provide the most efficient use of each floor and attractive new flexible lab spaces for the fast growing Boston R&D market.

Multiple air handler and mechanical rooms were designed for select floors to accommodate large lab spaces while smaller lab users were connected up to the new rooftop units.  An already crowded rooftop was analyzed to fit new dunnage platforms, large equipment, piping and ductwork in a clean and efficient manner while not taking any current systems offline for existing tenants.

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