The home to the tech accelerator BLADE, located on the water in Fort Point, lives in two worlds.  During the day, it is a simple office, with custom desks in an open work area surrounded by collaborative living rooms and conference rooms.  At night, the space transforms into an event space to host a tech discussion panel, a Boston business networking event, a fashion show, or a nightclub rave.  Heavy brick, granite block, and concrete structural elements are balanced by reserved neutral glass and wood interiors, allowing the space to take on any colorful mood with the variety of creative custom designed lighting options.

Blade is a clean office space enhanced by interesting periphery features like the interactive RFID activated bar, the movable DJ Booth and stage, and a wealth of integrated tech that allow the fledging companies to create and experiment.  Everything combines to create an exciting space that intends to be a recruitment tool for the next generation of Boston’s designers, engineers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

A nondescript door in an alley off the Fort Point channel boardwalk serves as the entrance, a mysterious glowing doorbell the only indicator of the door’s purpose.


J.L. Dunn

Custom Furniture Fabrication

Erik Rueda Design Lab


Greg Premru


Vincent A DiIorio Inc, Koncerted, Crosby Design