With an intense focus on connectedness and patient support, ACTWO worked closely with the Carelon team to develop office space for an industry-leading company in the Healthcare space. 

One of the important design goals for the team was to expose as much of the concrete ceiling structure as possible. The design team made sure that all overhead utilities and equipment were precisely located above acoustical ceiling elements and away from the open area. This allowed for uninterrupted spaces of nearly 14 feet in height for most of the project. 

An oversized corridor makes a monumental visual connection to the large gathering space towards the back. Large-scale millwork elements and clever furniture solutions draw user movement toward this bright and spacious interior zone. Seating areas remain flexible for larger events.

In consideration of the available natural light, the open office is placed against a long span of large windows for the entire length of the space. This open work area gets its supplemental light from 4 mega-sized light fixtures that grace the same length of space. The result is a field of light that is experienced throughout nearly the entire depth of the office.


J. Calnan & Associates


Engineered Systems Inc.
Vincent A. Dilorio Inc.


Flaunt Boston