The KENSHO AI Lab is a venue where the machine learning community gets together. An early project goal was to envision a space in which KENSHO would be able to engage with the Cambridge / Boston start-up and academic community. The design encourages collaboration in an open and inviting space in the heart of Harvard Square.

The multi-dimensional space can accommodate a wide range of dedicated company activities, and can be set up to host financial experts, high-tech talks, seminars, community engineering events, and machine learning sessions.

A central circular theater is a nod to the traditional Japanese Enso, intended to symbolize the multi-dimensional approach to the project.  Enclosing the theater are two 40 curved metal sliding doors with abstracted graphics inspired by some of the data driven analytics that are unique to KENSHO engine.  These doors allow the flexibility to host intimate presentations or entertain a larger group.  The curved shape of the theater and doors peel off in the ceiling and floor layout to form the zones of the rest of the work space: an open area with moveable desks, small meeting alcoves, and a large work table visible from the street, promoting the use and ethos of the space to passersby.

In order to deal with the existing infrastructure of expansive glass and a low concrete ceiling, hanging acoustic baffles and painted black ceiling panels were installed to ensure that each area of the program would be private and functional. Track lighting was installed in between the baffles and can be configured depending on what activity the space demands.


J. Calnan Associates

Custom Door Fabrication

Erik Rueda Design Lab


Cody O'Loughlin