R&D lab and offices for multinational leader in a laser printing technology.  The facility is intended to enable the company to further drive innovation in data printing technology.

The space is comprised of three distinct areas: public and staff leisure and interaction space, office and meeting spaces, and the digital and laser laboratory spaces.  All three have direct views through to the others, with  selective translucency on custom designed glass partitions determining specific levels of privacy.

The office area is designed as a fluid and flexible space; with freely moveable workstations and all power provided by an array of retractable cord drops.  The variety of meeting space types range from a round boardroom with advanced teleconferencing equipment to informal alcoves suitable for one on one interactions.

The entry and kitchen area are characterized by sweeping forms and a bold use of color, creating a dramatic and engaging space.  Small meeting spaces in this area feature examples of the company’s work highlighting their advanced technical abilities.  Shower rooms, locker room, and bike storage rooms are given special consideration and finishes to entice employees to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

While functionality is the key focus of the various lab spaces, clean dark ceilings and bright selective lighting and graphics tie them back to the brighter and more programmatically specific office areas.  Each lab is designed for highly specific equipment and test environments, yet all are organized to allow the free flow of testing elements and ideas between the labs.


Greg Premru