A lab and offices for the DNA testing and analytics company Orig3n.

Rather than separating the lab and offices off to their own areas, the open work area resides at the center of the large lofty space, while the lab fully wraps around the perimeter of the building.  By giving the exterior zones to the lab, the space inverts the traditional hierarchy of bio-labs.  However, continuous glass partitions between the office and lab allow light to spill from the tall windows into the interior work space.  The transparency between the two spaces reinforces the company’s commitment to transparency in their products and process.

The bright open entry and lounge area frames a view through to the inner workings of the lab right away upon arrival.  Conversely, a boldly colored hall with a lowered custom metal ceiling leads through the block of private meeting rooms, creating a more intimate environment for smaller groups.


Sterling Construction


Bala Engineers


Greg Premru