Designed with the aim of versatility and visual identity for a developer client without a tenant, these Office and R&D Lab suites needed to provide a bold marketable atmosphere and a lab setup that could accommodate a wide array of potential users.  The project consisted of two separate suites that would need to have the same program but present different palettes, environments, and visual identity.

One suite has a soft, warm, and subtle atmosphere with wood soffits and neutral tones.  The office program sits along the window perimeter and a large window wall allows light to come deeply through into the lab beyond, as well as provide visual connection from office to lab.  A large millwork planter screens the kitchen from office area.

The second suite is bolder, with a dynamic wood slat assembly wrapping the entry and a monochome green kitchen and lounge at the heart of the space.  A long glazing wall runs perpendicular to the exterior wall, giving both the lab and office equal window access, but also opening the two spaces visually to each other.


Sterling Construction




Greg Premru