Seeker Bio’s new space in the Innovation and Design Building is divided into two halves, with a large open lab space looking out to the cruise ship terminals and South Boston beyond.  Specified closed labs have framed openings looking back through to the front office half, connecting the two while allowing for clean and secure division.

The office space is lined with small meeting spaces and offices, but reserves the length of tall windows for the open workstations and a versatile conference room that opens to allow for all-company gatherings.  Lowered soffits with cutouts for acoustic light fixtures define smaller meeting spaces around the central space, where a suspended layout of round acoustic panels create for an open light atmosphere.  The soft and light palette cultivates a calm and collaborative atmosphere.

A dark and sophisticated kitchen off the entry provides contrast, and acts as the connecting element between the two halves of the space

General Contractor

Sterling Construction

Consulting Engineers



Greg Premru