BLADE Progress

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The exciting new Incubator/”Event Space”/Exhibition space in Fort Point is taking shape. The basement level office, with a floor just above the waterline, will be a dynamic use of space, where business minds and creative types will converge to form some of Boston’s newest and most ingenuitive companies.  A handful of small collaborative living rooms and a conference room represent the only enclosed spaces, while the majority remains as flexible open office space with the ability to transform into exhibition space or a nightclub setting for events.  Hidden high tech integrations will make the space come alive in subtle and unexpected ways.

Update:  Blade is open for business.  Check out some pics from the launch party HERE.

Check back for more images and construction updates.

May 2014 – Lighting is ready

April 2014 – Fresh Sonospray Ceiling

April 2014 – Custom Wallpaper

New Blade Entry – Feb 2014

BLADE space as of Feb 6